Spirituality results!

Hello everybody!

I know I said in the last post that this competition would be judged democratically, but unfortunately, I have changed my mind! (So much for democracy.)

The reason for this is that some people gave in loads and loads of entries, as I did not advise a limit. I thought it might be a bit overwhelming to have people vote on such a large number of ambigrams!

Imagine if 5 people voted for their favourite – due to the large number of entries, we may very well have ended up with 5 votes on 5 different ambigrams, which would simply result in me having to choose the winner myself again!

HOWEVER, the idea is not dead! If I attempt a democratic tournament in the future, I will include a limit on the number of entries per person. That should fix the problem.

I hope you understand!

Before announcing the winner, since it is the Easter holiday, I thought I might draw attention to this entry:

beth gully bunny
Beth Gully

It isn’t an ambigram, so I couldn’t allow it to win, but I love the idea and the execution!

Anyway, here is the winner I have chosen:


beth gully santa
Beth Gully – Santa/Jesus

I love this one so much! Firstly, the invertible drawing is a nice touch. Secondly, the word choice is great – Santa being the cultural figure of Christmas, and Jesus being the spiritual figure. But most importantly, the ambigram is incredible!

Before seeing this, I would never have believed a TA/J solution was possible, let alone as effortlessly legible as this! I love how the crossbar in the T turns into the loop at the end of the J, and I love how the A is incorporated. I also love the ES/N solution – on its own, the N might be difficult to decipher, but the style of script is chosen very well, and in this loopy handwritten context it becomes clear what the letter is.

A very difficult choice of words, but executed so well that at a first glance, you might not realise it is invertible!

Here are the rest of Beth’s entries:


beth gully worry
Beth Gully – Worry/Prayer


beth gully mercy health
Beth Gully – Mercy/Health


beth gully love fear
Beth Gully – Fear Love


beth gully heaven
Beth Gully – Heaven/New Earth


beth gully eternal glory
Beth Gully – Eternal/Glory


beth gully doubt faith
Beth Gully – Doubt/Faith


My second choice for winner would have been this one by Michael Irving:

Michael Irving - love peace
Michael Irving – Love/Peace

Non-denominational and very easy to read. The V/EA is an elegant solution to tie the whole thing together!

Here are the rest of Michael’s entries:



Michael Irving - varma
Michael Irving – Karma


Michael Irving - religion
Michael Irving – Religion/Science


yin yang - michael Irving
Yin Yang – Michael Irving


Michael Irving - live your life
Michael Irving – Live Your Life


michael irving - jewish christian
Michael Irving – Jewish Christian


Michael Irving - good evil
Michael Irving – Good/Evil


Michael Irving - god is you are
Michael Irving – God is / You are


Jesus - michael Irving
Jesus – Michael Irving


The next three are Dhaval Shah’s entries:

Dhaval Shah - yoga
Dhaval Shah – Yoga


Dhaval Shah - holi
Dhaval Shah – Holi


Dhaval Shah - god
Dhaval Shah – god


Antonella La Rocca - Karma
Antonella La Rocca – Karma

The hidden Yin Yang made me smile 🙂


Being a Being – Saransh Kejriwal


Below, are all of Otto Kronstedt’s entries. A lot of them are very hard to read, but I do appreciate the creativity. He has written a little backstory behind each one!

otto kronstedt - serve peace
Otto Kronstedt – Serve Peace

“This piece illustrates that we get the best peace of mind (and peace in communities) when we feel we serve in the best possible way. That is, we serve by doing something we enjoy, excel at, fulfil a community need, and get well compensated. ”

Otto Kronstedt - serenity gratitude wisdom courage
Otto Kronstedt – Serenity/Gratitude/Wisdom/Courage

“These are the key virtues of the serenity prayer (Serenity, Courage, Wisdom), completed by my personal addition Gratitude. The three original largely offer advice on how to deal with negative things or events in life, but we must not forget to acknowledge the overwhelming good we achieve and receive on a regular basis.”


otto kronstedt - mind body heart soul
Otto Kronstedt – Mind/Body/Heart/Soul

“Here are four parts or angles of self; Mind, Body, Heart, Soul. A reminder to myself not to see myself or others as anything less than all four (and more).”


otto kronstedt - father spirit god son
Otto Kronstedt – Father/Spirit/God/Son

“When I presented my Father, Son, Spirit 3-way ambigram, Kai suggested he could strain to see ‘God’ in the fourth direction. So I developed this idea. Thanks Kai! ;)”

otto kronstedt - faith hope idol love
Otto Kronstedt – Faith/Hope/Idol/Love

“Same thing as above, except in this one I found the fourth word myself. ‘Idol’ apparently also refers to the worship of a false or insidious god or entity, a very real threat when one commits to any kind of belief.”

otto kronstedt - clarity
Otto Kronstedt – Clarity

“Once all our internal messages have been understood and accepted by our consciousness (not necessarily obeyed, mind you), things will appear very clear indeed. This is of course way easier said than done. ”

otto kronstedt - beauty
Otto Kronstedt – Beauty

“So when Kai mentioned the beauty of nature, I had to develop this piece; Beauty with a four-way symmetry. Work very much in progress, I’m afraid, but there is enough legibility here to convince me it can be done! …some day. :P”


Thank you very much for all your entries!



One thought on “Spirituality results!

  1. Beth Gully April 22, 2019 / 6:57 pm

    Thanks Kai! It warmed my heart to see you include all my entries. Thank you. And I’m glad you liked the Santa Jesus. That was my second ever ambigram. Happy Holidays was my first.

    At Christmas I draw the picture and the word live on easels and the surprise on watching the picture and the word flip over catches everyone by surprise. Thank you for your perceptive critique!

    Til next month, Beth

    PS: I forgot to add the Easter/Risen ambigram. For your enjoyment:


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