Fractal Ambigram Results!

I was a little hesitant to set this theme for the challenge, as I knew it would be quite difficult, but I was very impressed with all the entries received! It took me a while to choose, but here is the winner:

Punya Mishra – Fractal

It is simple an effective, and the animation adds a lot to the theme! Punya submitted a lot of animated entries like this, so keep scrolling to see them all!

Here is the runner up – I feel slightly bad for not choosing this as the winner as it is a bit more ‘clever’, but it took me a little while longer to be able to read it:

Otto Kronstedt Flake
Otto Kronstedt – Flake

Notice how the F has a rotational symmetry of order 3, and also rotates to make the A, which is what leads to the fractal effect. And the photoshop effects add a nice atmosphere. Very inspired!

otto kronstedt root
Otto Kronstedt – Root

This one made me laugh a little. This style of fractal is typically called a tree, but here it is turned upside down, and called a root. 🙂

The T/RR is very clever!

Otto Kronstedt boom
Otto Kronstedt – Boom
dhaval shah eminem
Dhaal Shah – Eminem

This one goes to show that you can make something effective with only pre-existing fonts! The E/M looks very natural, and it got me thinking that any chain ambigram can be converted into a fractal ambigram just by turning the chain into a spiral.

And now, as promised, here are the rest of Punya Mishra’s animated designs:

punya mishra ambigram
Punya Mishra – Ambigram
punya mishra similarity
Punya Mishra – Similarity
punya mishra matrix
Punya Mishra – Matrix
punya mishra mandelbrot
Punya Mishra – Mandelbrot
punya mishra iterate
Punya Mishra – Iterate
punya mishra invariance
Punya Mishra – Invariance
punya mishra infinite-zoom
Punya Mishra – infinite
punya mishra fractal
Punya Mishra – Fractal
punya mishra dream
Punya Mishra – Dream
punya mishra beauty
Punya Mishra – Beauty
punya mishra spirals
Punya Mishra – Spirals
Punya Mishra self similarity
Punya Mishra – Self Similarity
Punya Mishra regress-infinity-symbol
Punya Mishra – Infinite Regress
Punya Mishra matrix2
Punya Mishra – Matrix

And here are the honorable mentions:

paul hannah Snowflake
Paul Hannah – Snowflake
Otto Kronstedt spiral
Otto Kronstedt – Spiral
himanshu modi - grid
Himanshu Modi – Grid
dhaval shah aurora
Dhaval Shah – Aurora

One thought on “Fractal Ambigram Results!

  1. Diego August 1, 2018 / 1:04 pm

    Unbelievable Punya Mishra. Incredible designs. Congratulations


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