Ambigram competition – Fractals!

I’m quite excited to see what submissions this one gets – you have a couple of options:

  1. Make an ambigram of your favourite Fractal pattern
  2. Incorporate a Fractal into your ambigram design
  3. Design an ambigram which is by design self similar
  4. All of the above!

Email your submissions to before 28th July, good luck!


Functional Ambigram Results!

Hello everybody – it seems this theme has sparked a lot of inspiration, with many wonderful entries!

And the winner is:

Jennifer Lynch upvotedownvote

Up/dn by Jennifer Lynch. I know it is small, and I know it is simple, but in my opinion it is the most functional one! Here, you can see it being used as the upvote/downvote symbols on the ambigram subreddit:


metal fence texture png Best of chain fence for photoshop Google
Diego Colombo – Caution High Voltage

This one was my favourite entry! However I could not select it as a winner because the fact it is an ambigram adds nothing to the design functionally. The sign is stuck to the fencing, and there is no reason to turn it upside down. However, it is very pretty, so I decided to mention it!

otto kronstedt play pause
Otto Kronstedt – Play/Pause

This one is very functional – often there is one button for both play and pause, and with this ambigram, there need only be one word to show both functions!

otto kronstedt welcome come again
Otto Kronstedt – Welcom/Come again

it reminds me of the famous ambigram doormat, but with a more polite sentiment!

saransh Kejriwal - please clean room
Saransh Kejriwal – please clean room/please don’t bother

Another brilliant idea! A sign to help hotel staff know which rooms need to be cleaned.


Alessandro Pocaterra -Nice Day/Fuck You

If you are prone to grumpiness at work, perhaps this sign would help your co-workers know how approachable you are feeling without having to talk to you.

Alessandro Pocaterra HugMe/I need sex

Do you have intimacy issues and need a nonverbal way to communicate to your lover that you are in the mood for sex? Look no further!! Bonus points for the upside down heart 😉

Beth Gulley Feed, Fed
Beth Gulley – Feed Dog / Fed Dog

This is a nice functional ambigram. It is to indicate whether or not the dog needs feeding – I like how the expression on the dog turns from grumpy to satisfied!

Dhaval Shah - engaged vacant
Dhaval Shah – Engaged/Vacant

A nice idea for toilet signage – I can imagine the lock mechanism rotating and updating the message!

Dhaval Shah - pass fail
Dhaval Shah – pass/fail

This is a nice idea, but I can see how some unscrupulous students might abuse the ambiguity of the stamp to show their parents how they pass every test!

Dhaval Shah - push pull
Dhaval Shah – Push/Pull
Dhaval Shah - up dn
Dhaval Shah Up/Dn

The same solution as the winning entry! Unfortunately this one doesn’t win because of context – an up/dn button on an ambigram website is more functional than an up/dn button on a lift, because it also has the function of providing context of the website.

diego colombo Dolls Shop
Diego Colombo – Dolls Shop

Come in, dolls shop open / Sorry, dolls shop closed. Unfortunately, it took me a long time to read the word ‘Sorry’. But the lettering is beautiful!

himanshu modi push pull
Himanshu Modi – push pull

Imagine this design on a set of glass doors – on one side you would know to push, and on the other you would know to pull!

otto kronstedt full empty
Otto Kronstedt – full/empty
otto kronstedt pull push
Otto Kronstedt – Push/Pull
otto kronstedt right left
Otto Kronstedt – Right/Left


And there we have it! Thank you for all your submissions, and I hope you enjoyed looking at everyone else’s.