Ambigram competition – Functional ambigrams!

Hello Ambigrammists.

This month’s challenge will be to design an ambigram that has a real world application! Of course, you won’t be able to solve world hunger or cure cancer with an ambigram design, but think of a situation where an ambigram might come in useful. Here are a couple of famous examples:

Image result for come in go away doormat

Image result for drink drunk ambigram


In these cases, the use is more of a gimmick, but in a way, that is the nature of an ambigram! If you’re stuck, think of a niche you are interested in, and think of any situation where you ever need to look at something upside down or through a mirror.

Be creative, come up with something fresh, and email your designs to before 15th June. I believe in you!



Physics Ambigram Competition Results!

Hello ambigrammers, thanks for all your amazing entries, but at the end of the day we have to choose a winner, and that winner is:

diego colombo - Everlasting Transmutation of energy and matter - Matter becomes Energy
Matter becomes Energy – Diego Colombo!

Lots to take in here! But I especially like the very legible ambigram in the middle – matter becomes energy and energy becomes matter. The outer rings are also very impressive, and very beautiful. Well done Diego!

And here are the honorable mentions:

harold kit elvira - darkmatter
Harold Kit Elvira – Dark Matter

I was coincidentally speaking with an astrophysicist yesterday, and we are getting ever closer to figuring out the mystery behind Dark Matter. He said he predicts this to happen within the next 10 years. Dark Energy, however, will likely remain a mystery for much longer. Very nice, very classic design.

john langdon 4 FORCES
4 fundamental forces – John Langdon

Here we have 4 ‘atom’ looking designs – the nucleus reading the word Force, and the rings reading Strong Nuclear, Electromagnetic, Gravitational, and Weak Nuclear. 4 Fundamental forces, like the 4 elements!

Otto Kronstedt Einstein
Otto Kronstedt – Einstein

We do not get many spinonym entries, and I have never actually tried one myself. This is beautiful and clever. Perhaps it also refers in a metaphorical way to general relativity – each letter is the same from a different frame of reference.

otto kronstedt Equilibrium
Otto Kronstedt – Equilibrium

If you haven’t tried mirror reflective ambigrams like this before, they aren’t easy. Normal ambigrams allow you to take advantage of a little quirk with the Latin alphabet – they are much easier to distinguish with the tops of the letters than the bottom (except in outliers like the letter U). This is a great design, and it nicely represents the word it reads.


otto kronstedt Force
Force – Otto Kronstedt

Otto makes a lot of fancy experimental designs, but we cannot forget that he is also great at the classic black and white blackletter ambigram. Nice!

And finally, here are the rest of the entries, in no particular order:

Electro Magnet – Otto Kronstedt

A very creative layout, but I find it hard to read.

michael Irving Chaos Order
Chaos/Order – Michael Irving

The duality of chaos and order! Our inevitable collapse as a universe into a state of perfect entropy.

michael irving Yin&Yang
Yin & Yang – Michael Irving

I think the ambigram here is a beautiful design, but it clashes with the symbol in the background. The symbol is so simple, yet the ambigram is filled with flourishes. Perhaps a more simple minimalistic ambigram design would fit better here.

Otto Kronstedt E_mc2
E=MC2 – Otto Kronstedt

Again, a very creative layout, but the E has some very elaborate flourishes, distracting from what it should read!


Otto Kronstedt Elemental_forces
EM, G, WN, SN – Otto Kronstedt

Another spinonym design by Otto Kronstedt, showing the 4 fundamental forces in abbreviated form.

vy fieldthumb
Field – Vy
vy gravitythumb
Gravity – Vy
vy ionthumb
Ion – Vy
vy lightthumb
Light – Vy
vy naturethumb
Nature – Vy
vy obeythumb
Obey – Vy
vy relativitythumb
Relativity – Vy
vy stringthumb
String – Vy
vy wavethumb
Wave – Vy

As a relative newcomer to the ambigram scene, I love the new approaches Vy takes! With any art form, after doing it for so long, you get develop a formula and if you aren’t careful, end up limiting yourself. But here, I can see a lot of things I would never have thought to do myself. I love the F/D in Field, the TR/N in String, and the Ion ambigram – all of which are new and fresh to me. The N/RE in nature, the Obey ambigram, and the Light ambigram however need some work to achieve perfect legibility. I’m not too sure about the W/E in Wave – I like it, but I’m struggling to see how to make it look more like a W. Maybe it is a lost cause (unless somebody can prove me wrong.)

All around, good work, keep it coming guys 😉