Mythical Creatures Ambigram Constructive Criticism

As with the new structure of the competition, all results I found difficult to read will be put here, with some constructive criticism, however valuable you may find it!

dave williams phoenix
Dave Williams – Phoenix

I found the P here difficult to read and it took a while to get used to it. It’s a tricky solution, but in this case I think it could be fixed by just changing the lettering style into something more fitting – perhaps a more modern geometric style.

kai phoenix

I gave it a little go – perhaps the P is still hard to read but at least it now fits consistently with the style of the whole piece!

dave williams polyphemus
Dave Williams – Polyphemus

I had a similar problem reading the E in this one and I think it can be fixed in a similar way. I know at this point the gothic style is quite cliche with ambigrams, but I think it would work really well here, perhaps with a capital E!

dhaval abada
Dhaval Shah – Abada

This one is perfectly legible, but I have one suggestion. Use capital A’s, they are already symmetrical! And when it comes to ambigrams I think it is acceptable to mix uppercase and lowercase letters.

dhaval werewolf vampire
Dhaval Shah – Werewolf/Vampire

I’m not very good at figure/ground ambigrams so I don’t know how good my advice is, but every good figure/ground ambigram I’ve seen only uses 2 colours which tessellate perfectly, so if you focus on the foreground colour, you see a different word to when you focus on the background colour. With this one there are 2 foreground colours and the background is white, so it is more like a group of letters which sometimes fit each other. Maybe it could be fixed with some work, but I get the idea this is one of those things which only works with certain words. However, as I said before, I’m terrible at these so you might want to look for advice elsewhere. Keep at it!


Otto Kronstedt perfect human
Otto Kronstedt – Perfect Human


Otto Kronstedt unicorn blood
Otto Kronstedt – Unicorn Blood / Live Half a Soul

These two as far as I can see are actually really good, but the ripples in the reflection are just a bit too distracting and I’m finding them very hard to read! I love how the ripples help to add the crossbars in the E, F, and A in the second design however – very clever! But I would perhaps tone it down in the other areas.

And that’s all for the constructive criticism – the next post will announce the winner as well as some honourable mentions!


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