Mythical Creatures winner!!

The winner of the competition this month is Jennifer Lynch for her design below:

Jennifer Lynch Kraken_black_gradient
Jennifer Lynch – Kraken

This looks so good – usually I find such heavy illustration distracting but in this case they make the design work even better, like how the R is completed with a tentacle. I’m not usually a fan of this K/K solution but I think the fact there are tentacles everywhere make the extra lines in the letter less noticeable. And I love the colours! I think the gradient in the tentacles helps them to be less distracting in the places where they would be too busy, and the blue in the eyes is like the perfect final touch. It looks like it could be a cover illustration for a book. Congratulations Jennifer!

And now for the honourable mentions:

diego colombo Lycanthrope
Diego Colombo – Lycanthrope

Very classic design.

eytan wronker cyclops
Eytan Wronker – Cyclops

Perfect! The symmetrical illustration in the middle really ties everything together – I love it!

eytan wronker Harryhausen ambigram
Eytan Wronker – Harryhausen

I’m not sure Harryhausen counts as a mythical creature, but with all the illustrations it fits the theme perfectly.


Otto Kronstedt centaur
Otto Kronstedt – Centaur

Really great simple lettering!

Otto Kronstedt electra
Otto Kronstedt – Electra

I think it’s pretty hard to do reflective ambigrams with a gothic style, just because how the line variation depends on the angles of the lines, which change when reflected. But somehow this one works very well!

Otto Kronstedt Minotaur
Otto Kronstedt – Minotaur

An ambigram so good I would not be surprised if you did not realise it was an ambigram upon first glance!

Otto Kronstedt morpheus
Otto Kronstedt – Morpheus


patrick Hjelm mjölnir thunder tor
patrick Hjelm – Mjölnir Thunder Tor

I love the style in the Thunder design.

thony - banshee
Thony – Banshee

I really love the lettering style in this one, I can tell a lot of work was put in to get this just right.

thony - griffin
Thony – Griffin
thony garuda
Thony – Garuda


dave williams cyclops
Dave Williams – Cyclops

Really lovely style here! The C/O and Y/P solutions are so bold that they work perfectly.


dave williams Gorgon
Dave Williams – Gorgon


dhaval pixie
Dhaval Shah – Pixie

A perfectly simple design – can’t really go wrong with a word like this!

dhaval witch wizard
Dhaval Shah – Witch vs Wizard

Very nice ambigram! I would only say that the D has an unnecessary stroke in there, which can be fixed easily:

kai wizard

michael irving Baba Yaga
Michael Irving – Baba Yaga


michael irving Frankenstein
Michael Irving – Frankenstein


michael irving Grim Reaper
Michael Irving – Grim Reaper

I do love this design, but I feel it would be better if all the letters were made as thin as the scythe in the first stroke, just to keep it consistent. But it is a great ambigram!

michael irving JackRipper
Michael Irving – Jack the Ripper

The CKT/PP solution is so good! The London smog effect on the letters creates a great atmosphere.

michael irving Jersey Devil
Michael Irving – Jersey Devil
michael irving Loch Ness
Michael Irving – Loch Ness Monster

The imagery here is great!

michael irving Vampire Werewolf
Michael Irving – Vampire/Werewolf


michael irving Witch
Michael Irving – Witch


michael irving Wolfman
Michael Irving – Wolfman


michael irving zombie
Michael Irving – Zombie



Mythical Creatures Ambigram Constructive Criticism

As with the new structure of the competition, all results I found difficult to read will be put here, with some constructive criticism, however valuable you may find it!

dave williams phoenix
Dave Williams – Phoenix

I found the P here difficult to read and it took a while to get used to it. It’s a tricky solution, but in this case I think it could be fixed by just changing the lettering style into something more fitting – perhaps a more modern geometric style.

kai phoenix

I gave it a little go – perhaps the P is still hard to read but at least it now fits consistently with the style of the whole piece!

dave williams polyphemus
Dave Williams – Polyphemus

I had a similar problem reading the E in this one and I think it can be fixed in a similar way. I know at this point the gothic style is quite cliche with ambigrams, but I think it would work really well here, perhaps with a capital E!

dhaval abada
Dhaval Shah – Abada

This one is perfectly legible, but I have one suggestion. Use capital A’s, they are already symmetrical! And when it comes to ambigrams I think it is acceptable to mix uppercase and lowercase letters.

dhaval werewolf vampire
Dhaval Shah – Werewolf/Vampire

I’m not very good at figure/ground ambigrams so I don’t know how good my advice is, but every good figure/ground ambigram I’ve seen only uses 2 colours which tessellate perfectly, so if you focus on the foreground colour, you see a different word to when you focus on the background colour. With this one there are 2 foreground colours and the background is white, so it is more like a group of letters which sometimes fit each other. Maybe it could be fixed with some work, but I get the idea this is one of those things which only works with certain words. However, as I said before, I’m terrible at these so you might want to look for advice elsewhere. Keep at it!


Otto Kronstedt perfect human
Otto Kronstedt – Perfect Human


Otto Kronstedt unicorn blood
Otto Kronstedt – Unicorn Blood / Live Half a Soul

These two as far as I can see are actually really good, but the ripples in the reflection are just a bit too distracting and I’m finding them very hard to read! I love how the ripples help to add the crossbars in the E, F, and A in the second design however – very clever! But I would perhaps tone it down in the other areas.

And that’s all for the constructive criticism – the next post will announce the winner as well as some honourable mentions!