Ambigram competition 5 results

Hello there everybody – lots of great entries this month! As well as some new names – welcome to the club!

My favourite entry and the winner of this month’s competition is as follows:

Michael Irving Questions Answers

The winner is Questions/Answers by Michael Irving! I’m a bit confused as to why the ‘Answers’ is presented as a reflection of the ‘Questions’, since this is a rotational ambigram – but I just love the design so I decided to ignore that! The W is a letter I always have trouble with, but here it is expertly pulled off, all with a very clean but stylised look. Well done!

otto kronstedt Beauty Beast

This is Beauty/Beast by Otto Kronstedt. I really love this design, and it would have come first, if it were not for the fact that the ‘Beast’ appeared to read ‘Beasty’. But it is a very impressive perceptual shift ambigram.

otto kronstedt Recieve Give

Otto also submitted this one – another very nice perceptual shift design. It reads ‘receive’, but if you look closely, you can see ‘give’ popping out. Amazing!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Michael Also submitted around another 20 designs! They are all good, but I wouldn’t want to drown out everybody else’s work with all of his, so above is a slideshow where you can go through them at your own leisure.

harold kit elvira frenemy

I really enjoyed this Friend/Enemy by Harold Kit Elvira. Very readable, and very pretty! I think the F/Y is genius, making part of that 4:3 letter ratio!

Dhaval Shah Angry Proud

This piece by Dhaval Shah is very fun – the left column reading Angry, and the right reading Proud. The best part is the little faces showing the emotions in the middle!

Dhaval Shah Android Human

Android/humanoid by Dhaval also incorporated images.

Dhaval Shah Gain Loss

And here is Dhaval’s final entry – Gain/Loss.

JOHN LANGDON startfinish circle.jpg

John Langdon’s style is very well known at this point, and here is a perfect example of why he is so admired! A never ending ring of Finish/Start, with no finish, and no start of its own. Truly using the ambigram form as more than just a clever graphic.


I love the calligraphy style of this entry from Antonella from Italy! It reads Angelic/Diabolic and is mirror-reflective. The GE/BO in the middle is unlike anything I’ve ever seen – really cool!


Vida/Morte – the portuguese words for Life and Death, courtesy of Ruben Tinoco. The D/OR is very clever!

v y ambicomedydrama

And finally, I’m very happy to announce this newcomer to the ambigram community – Val! This design above reads Drama’Comedy, and I love it! It reminds me a lot of the Aphex Twin logo – you could imagine an alien society writing in a language similar to this – very minimal and a very unique style!

val head tail

Val also submitted this figure ground entry, of Head and Tail. I’ve tried this kind of ambigram a few times, but it has never come out very good. This one is great!

val high low

And finally – another entry from Val – High/Low. If i were to give some constructive criticism, it would be that with ambigrams you don’t have to follow the same conventions as normal lettering. It’s ok to have the stem of the first H go above the x-height, even if it means the W has an elongated stroke. And the second H could also have both strokes connected – if the stem for this letter didn’t touch the base-line, when rotated, it would look like a stylised serif on the L, making both letters more readable. But an excellent start to the ambigram art form – good luck with all your future endeavours, and I hope to see more work from you in other competitions!


Thanks for all the great entries, keep up the good work!

Love and peace




2 thoughts on “Ambigram competition 5 results

  1. DHAVAL SHAH April 24, 2017 / 12:21 pm

    wowww….nice post…will be waiting for the next tournament


  2. Michael Irving April 28, 2017 / 1:26 pm

    Hi Kai, Thanks for the opportunity to share my work with fellow ambigramists. Many times I will execute my designs in both orientations for those viewers unable to rotate their screens.


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