Ambigram tournament 4 results!

I’m proud to announce this month’s winning entry – this Tesla ambigram by Harold Kit Elvira modelled on the Wardenclyffe tower which was designed and built by Nikola Tesla!

If there was one thing I would change – I don’t think the little serifs on the crossbar of the E are necessary, and it makes it look like a little H. But these things are just a matter of opinion, and I just love the concept so much!

tesla harold kit elvira
Tesla by Harold Kit Elvira

A tessellating design is still something I need to successfully complete – they have not worked for me in the past. I think they would make great quilts/wallpaper/tiles! Here is a crazy 4-directional tessellating design by Alain Nicolas. I really like the S/TE solution.

einstein2 alain
Einstein Tessellation by Alain Nicolas

Not happy with just 1, Alain also submitted this 2-directional tessellating design for the same word:

einstein1 Alain Nicolas
Einstein Tessellation by Alain Nicolas

This Galileo design by Damian Lakey has a great consistent style – reminds me of the ‘Blade’ or ‘Resident Evil’ logos.

Galileo Damian
Galileo by Damian Lakey

This entry for Isaac Newton/Newton’s apple was very impressive – but there’s always a problem with A/P solutions where the A ends up looking like a D. But I love the torn paper/scroll effect on the letters, and Damian has used these little torn flourishes to his advantage for example in the I/E solution.

Isaac-Newton damian
Isaac Newton/Newton’s apple by Damian Lakey

When browsing websites like this before, there was always a comment on how difficult it was to judge the entries. Now that I am running my own competitions, I can completely sympathise. Each entry is just so unique and special in its own way, I find it so hard to decide on a winner!

If you didn’t win this time, do not worry – I probably spent a long time looking at your entry and ended up letting it slide for some arbitrary reason. If I judged these again next week, I would probably have chosen a different winner! The best you can do is keep submitting to each tournament and try your hardest!

Yours sincerelery