Ambigram numbers part 2

You may remember that the winning entry from our previous tournament read ‘Friday the 13th.’ This reminded me of the article I had written a while ago, which featured ambigrams where numbers were used as part of their design. Here is the second part to that article!

by Bastian Pinnenberg Merry Christmas Happy New Year

Merry Christmas Happy New Year 2010 ambigram Bastian Pinnenberg
Merry Christmas/Happy New Year 2010 by Bastian Pinnenberg

This design by Bastian Pinnenberg has many clever parts – the C/AR is quite insane, as is the 2/Y. Ambigram artists in general aren’t as used to working with numbers as they are with letters, so to create something as legible as that 2010 is quite impressive.

23 ambigram Szymon Golis
23 by Szymon Golis

Here is a design I am very impressed by. You might remember from my last post on ambigram numbers that in the past, I have attempted an ambigram which uses a 2/3 glyph like in this design above. However, mine was nowhere near as clean as this one. An ambigram is very successful if you can look at it and forget that it is the same upside down. With this design, your brain fills in the blank spaces, and the result is a very clear and legible 23 – so clear that I find it difficult to believe it is an ambigram until I physically turn it over and witness the transformation for myself. It is like being introduced to the art form for the first time again!

Clockface ambigram Mark Wallace
Clockface by Mark Wallace

This one is not so legible as the last, but I like it for the concept. If anyone reading this thinks they could do a better job at this than Mark Wallace, I would love to see your attempt.

LN7 Lucky Number Seven ambigram Ty Wilkins
LN7 (Lucky Number Seven) by Ty Wilkins

For the final piece, here is a very clever design by Ty Wilkins. Not only is it an ambigram, but it uses negative space to create the N in the middle. The very lucky choice of letters and numbers means that this design is also highly legible as well as being simple.

You can expect another article on numbers in ambigrams soon – I have already collected a few more designs! If you know of any others, feel free to email me at


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